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Of Course Marjorie Taylor Greene Bought Stock In Trump’s New Social Platform, And Of Course It Appears As If She Lost Money In The Deal

Former President Donald Trump prides himself on making the best deals, but that’s not what Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene got when she bought stock in his recently announced social media platform.

According to CNBC, Greene filed a public disclosure for the transaction — a requirement for serving members of Congress — that revealed she spent $50,000 for a stake in Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC). The company saw prices for its shares skyrocket after announcing its plans to merge with Trump’s social media company, which should’ve been good news for Greene.

Unfortunately, stock prices have since dipped from the starting point of $118.80 a share to around $63 per share. Greene got in on the deal soon after it was announced, so she likely paid close to top-dollar for her shares, which means she’s probably lost a good deal of money on Trump’s latest business venture.

“At best, Greene has lost about 4.5% on her investment,” CNBC reported. That translates to thousands of dollars.

In an email from Greene to CNBC, she addressed the investment, saying, “This transaction was reported in compliance with House rules and provides all required details about the transaction.” Since she bought in when the market price was at its highest, the only thing she seems guilty of right now — other than having a financial interest in the future misinformation tactics of a disgraced ex-president — is making really terrible business decisions.

(Via CNBC)