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Jimmy Kimmel’s Infamous Annual Halloween Prank On Kids Returned For 2021 With Usual Results

While we adults have (hopefully) learned how to mask our disappointment when things don’t quite turn out the way we planned, one of the wonderful things about kids is that they haven’t, and for the 11th year in a row Jimmy Kimmel (okay, and Jennifer Lawrence that one time) has proven few things are more amusing than their pure, unadulterated reactions to their parent’s shortcomings. On last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the late night host held back a laugh as he shared the latest video in his annual Halloween candy prank series, in which parents prank their unsuspecting little ones by telling them they accidentally ate all of their Halloween candy while recording their reaction. Kimmel said that despite telling parents not to do the gag this year, over 200 videos were submitted to the show — and wasting the footage seemed senseless.

“It felt like kids have had it hard enough lately, so we decided to hold off this year. We did not ask parents to do this,” Kimmel said. “But a lot of the parents just went ahead and did it anyway. In fact, I think we got 200 videos. So, since the kids got pranked anyway, you know, why waste [the videos]?”

Kimmel then joked that the footage was, therefore, “unauthorized and unwanted” shortly before rolling the clip, revealing four different tiny tots reacting to their parents’ betrayal.

While the video was significantly more condensed than previous years, there was certainly no shortage of upset children. While one young boy reminded his mother she was on a diet when she broke the news, another — dressed as Captain America, no less — was quick to call his mom “a d**k” when she “admitted” to eating all his candy. If you’re looking for some giggles, or to be shocked by what some kids can get away with saying to their parents, you can watch the full segment in the video above.