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The NBA Was ‘Encouraged’ By The Competition Committee To Make Rules To Prevent Take Fouls

NBA fans have long complained about take fouls, which are a very annoying way that teams will prevent their opponents to pickup up an easy basket by committing a foul in the open court. While they are not clear path fouls, they functionally act the same way, and there have been calls for the league to figure out ways to police these so that they rarely (if ever) happen.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, that day may be on the horizon. Charania reports that the NBA Competition Committee had a conversation about the fouls on Tuesday, and in the aftermath, it relayed to the league that it supports figuring out some kind of rule change that would lead to them happening far less frequently.

This wasn’t the only thing on the agenda, as the committee apparently also discussed the non-basketball move rule change that has made it harder to draw shooting fouls by flailing around and seeking contact, along with the new ball that was adopted this year.

Still, take fouls are one of the surest ways to draw ire from fans, both because they prevent the always-exciting fast breaks and they usually slow the game down considerably. The most natural comparison for how this could be penalized, clear path fouls, leads to a team getting two free throws and the ball. There is no timetable regarding when the league could try to install these new rules, should they come to fruition.