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The NBA Is Expected To Launch An Investigation Into Suns Owner Robert Sarver After A New Report Claimed He Fostered A Toxic Work Environment

ESPN published a damning report into the organization-wide culture fostered by Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver. In interviews with current and former staffers, Sarver is alleged to have been a racist and sexist on numerous occasions, including multiple incidents in which he used the n-word. Things were so bad that one person told ESPN, “If the commissioner comes in and investigates to see what the f*ck is going on in Phoenix, [he] would be appalled.”

In the aftermath, Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the expectation is that this will, indeed, happen.

“The expectation now is that the league will launch an investigation into the reporting in Baxter Holmes’ story,” Wojnarowski said. “They have yet to do that, they’re obviously reviewing the reporting now. And then ultimately, I think, for the NBA, this could be a lengthy investigation based on cooperation of team employees. There are, in the story, numerous denials from Robert Sarver about his behavior.”

Wojnarowski went on to say that there are plenty of people who, as illustrated by Holmes’ story, are “very open to the idea of sitting down” with the NBA and going through their claims. Additionally, a statement released by Suns Vice Chairman and part-owner Jahm Najafi indicated that he will offer his “support to ensure there is full accountability,” calling the allegations against Sarver “unacceptable.”