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Cardi B Fanned Out Over Meeting Robert Pattinson And It Was Pretty Freaking Adorable

One of the best things about Cardi B as a public figure and pop star, is she doesn’t resign herself to the remove that so many celebrities adopt once they get famous. Instead, she still acts exactly like a normal person would when they meet someone famous or exciting, and her reactions when these meetings do happen are pretty priceless. She gave us another hilarious and pretty freaking adorable moment of celebrity fandom this week, when she met Robert Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen, for the first time. “Look who I met the other day ! I felt like a teen!” she wrote to caption the quick video.

At first she pretends to just be primping for a forward-facing video, before revealing her true purpose: “Come on, look at my friend guys,” she begins. But when Edward — sorry, I mean Robert — pops into the frame, all she can do is yell. Yes, it seems like Cardi was also a Twilight stan along with the rest of us. Hey, she’s the right age for it! For his part, Pattinson seemed to think the whole thing was pretty funny, but he was a good sport which really just makes me like him more than I already did. Anyway, if you like watching Cardi the celeb, catch her hosting the AMAs in just a few days.