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Pom Pom Squad’s New Track ‘Until It Stops’ Is An Ode For People Who Hate Parties

Brooklyn four-piece Pom Pom Squad‘s 2021 debut album Death Of A Cheerleader cemented the band as one to watch. It’s been several months since the album’s successful release and since then, the band has been busy touring the US. Even still, they’ve managed to continue writing music, including the new single “Until It Stops,” which they’ve now released exclusively through Spotify.

“Until It Stops” was produced by Illuminati Hotties’ Sarah Tudzin. It’s a droning track that features lead singer Mia Berrin’s soft vocals over the low hum of electric guitars. Complete with a head-banging guitar solo, the single sees Berrin singing of teetering between extremes like laughing until you’re crying and living until you die.

In a statement about the new track, Berrin said it’s her ode to being an anti-partier:

“[‘Until It Stops’] is my version of a drinking song. I’m not much of a partier but I’m in my early 20s, so whenever I turn down an invite to go out I go through an internal dialogue wondering if I’m missing my youth. Then, when I actually do go out, I get uncomfortable and then I drink too much and put my foot in my mouth and go home with all my makeup under my eyes. At the time I wrote this I was thinking about those super sugary club songs of the 2000s that always seemed to mention dancing and death in the same line — there is this strange morbid connection between partying and mortality.”

Listen to “Until It Stops” above.