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Four Players Were Ejected After Rudy Gobert And Myles Turner Got Into A Kerfuffle

Thursday was not a good night for the Utah Jazz, as the West’s current No. 2 team struggled with the Indiana Pacers at home, as the backcourt of Malcolm Brogdon and TJ McConnell lit them up.

Things went from bad to worse in the fourth quarter when three Jazz starters got ejected after one of the weakest “fights” in recent memory between Myles Turner and Rudy Gobert.

It all started with Gobert pulling Turner down to the ground by his shorts, which led Turner to give Gobert a shove as they got up to run up the floor, and then the real shenanigans started as Gobert went to wrap up Turner and the two sort of wrestled/hugged until people got in between to break it up.

The two big men were, obviously, tossed for the altercation, but Joe Ingles and Donovan Mitchell also got tossed for how they came barreling into the fracas late, with Ingles pushing a referee who was breaking things up and Mitchell came in and was deemed to have been trying to escalate matters. With those three out for Utah, any hopes of a late comeback were effectively dashed and the Pacers pulled ahead for a comfortable 111-100 win. Fines are surely coming for the parties involved, but it’d be surprising to see any suspensions for what was a relatively tame rumble — unless they deem Ingles’ contact with a referee worthy of more than just the ejection and fine.