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The NFL Doubled Down On Its Awful Taunting Call By Fining Bears LB Cassius Marsh

The NFL has made it a point to crack down on taunting this year. While someone, somewhere theoretically enjoys it, the league has come under a ton of scrutiny for taking the emotion out of football, particularly because referees are calling 15-yard taunting penalties on dudes who aren’t exactly doing lengthy, elaborate celebrations or anything like that.

Perhaps the low point came on Monday Night Football this past week when Chicago Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh registered a huge third down sack on Ben Roethlisberger, did his normal celebration, then took a few steps towards the Steelers’ sideline. It didn’t look like he said anything, he just stared at the opposing players. This didn’t sit well with the officials, who decided to throw a penalty flag and extend the drive for Pittsburgh. Further, the flag came after head official Tony Corrente straight up threw his butt into Marsh.

Apparently, the NFL thought that flag was not just totally justified, but it didn’t go enough, as it was announced on Saturday morning that the league has fined Marsh for the incident.

Pelissero reported that Marsh plans to appeal the ruling. It’s not a huge chunk of change, so it’s not like Marsh is going to have to fork over an insane amount of cash or anything if it’s upheld. But hopefully, the league uses this offseason to recalibrate its taunting rules.