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Mike Lindell Got So Angry He Pulled MyPillow Ads From A Rightwing Christian Radio Network

One would think Mike Lindell could use the money. The MyPillow salesman-turned-2020 election dead-ender is currently being sued for $1.3 billion by Dominion Voting Systems, who he baselessly accused of playing a part in the voter fraud of which there’s no proof. And yet he keeps biting the hand that could literally feed him. Last week he launched (but did not attend) a sparsely-attended protest against Fox News. Now he’s pulled ads from a rightwing Christian radio network.

As per The Daily Beast, the latest source of Lindell’s rage is Salem Radio Network, which hosts the far right likes of Seb Gorka and Dennis Prager (aka the smart guy who bragged that he got COVID on purpose).

“They haven’t had me on for a long, long time,” Lindell railed on Friday, then complained that they will not “talk about why [he] was canceled.” He also deemed them “worse” than Dominion, only days after using similar phrasing about Fox News, which is itself so far right they’re already spreading misinformation about the newly-discovered Omicron strain of COVID.

The next day, he doubled down, telling that he doesn’t want the network helping him make money. First he said that promotional codes will no longer work starting next week. Then he went a step further. “With Salem, nobody gets to sell MyPillow products going forward,” Lindell said. “You are done selling MyPillow products!”

It’s not been a great week for Lindell. On top of [deep sigh] all of that’s already been mentioned, he’s also missed the deadline to file his bonkers conspiracy theories to the Supreme Court, failed to pull off a 96-hour voter fraud special marathon because he got hungry, and severely underestimated the number of viewers to said telecast by, oh, millions.

(Via The Daily Beast)