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The Live Action ‘Halo Infinite’ Trailer Shows Us There’s A Spartan In Everyone

One thing we can always anticipate with the release of a new Halo is the live action trailers. Back when Halo 3 was getting ready for release in 2007, there was a massive marketing campaign push to get as much attention on the game as possible. One of the ways they did that was a live action trailer with actual actors. This trailer was such a hit that it’s pretty much been a staple of the series ever since.

While the multiplayer for Halo Infinite has pretty much been released, with many of us already diving into it, we still have the campaign to look forward to on December 8. In anticipation of the release, which is approaching very quickly, a new live action trailer was released. In it was a pretty simple message for anyone watching: there’s a Spartan in all of us.

The trailer itself features a montage of characters all being put in growingly stressful situations. Of course, at the penultimate moments, it always cuts to a new set of characters. Finally, the trailer cuts to Master Chief standing before a battlefield ready to charge into action. That shot is then followed by everyone else doing similar in their own situations. It’s all very heroic and with a very clear message. There’s a spartan in everyone.

It will be interesting to see how much, if any of this, translates over into the actual game. While we likely won’t see Master Chief in these situations we may see similar theming from trailer to official campaign release. We won’t have to wait too much longer with the game’s release so close.