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Demi Lovato Said They’re Transitioning From ‘California Sober’ To ‘Sober Sober’

After working on their sobriety and recovery for years, Demi Lovato had a very public relapse and overdose, and eventually made a documentary about their experience. But following up recovery from that relapse, the singer frustrated some people in the sober community earlier this year when they declared themselves “California sober,” which basically means no hard drugs ever, but alcohol and weed in moderation. For many people in recovery, moderation itself is impossible, so Lovato’s claim that they could occasionally use alcohol and weed fell flat. Still, the process is different for everyone, so many still supported Demi in her journey.

Except, it seems like those hardline critics of Lovato’s “California sober” stance might’ve been in the right after all, because in an Instagram story this weekend the pop star let her fans and followers know that she is full-on sober now. “I no longer support my ‘California sober’ ways,’ they wrote in the story. “Sober sober is the only way to be.” Given how much the holidays lead into drinking and parties and overindulgence, it seems like an ideal time for Demi to double down on the decisions they’ve made to protect themselves. Kudos to you, Demi, we will always be rooting for you and supporting you. Check out the story below.

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