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Aeon Station Releases The Blustery ‘Alpine Drive’

While it’s not technically an album by The Wrens, Aeon Station’s Observatory will mark the first album from Kevin Whelan, Greg Whelan and Jason MacDonald (3 of the 4 members of The Wrens) in eighteen years. In fact, Uproxx’s Steven Hyden half-jokingly calls it “the most delayed album in indie history.” Fronted by Kevin Whelan, Aeon Station has released a number of singles including the dynamite “Queens,” and now has put out one final track before their album’s release on December 10th.

“Alpine Drive” is a blustery track that was originally written in 2013. In fact, half of the songs on the new album are remixed tracks by the Wrens and the others are originals so the nostalgia for fans i strong with this one. Whelan acknowledged that “Alpine Drive” has a gentle holiday breeziness about it and spoke further about the track in a statement:

“I felt ‘Alpine Drive’ was the perfect song to end the album as it represents an end to a journey. The paths we walk on are unpredictable, complicated, and long but ultimately, we are all striving to find our way ‘home.’ [It] evoked feelings of winter and nostalgia for me. Like old Christmas songs where you hear and feel the longing to reunite with your family, the lyrics described my desire to be home with my wife and kids, especially after a stressful day or long business trip away from them. My journey home to them would always start with a call or text to my wife with the words ‘I’m on my way…’”

Observatory drops on 12/10 via Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.