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Jonas Brothers’ Docuseries ‘Moments Between The Moments’ Follows Their Life On Tour

Jonas Brothers may have released their comeback album Happiness Begins in 2019, but 2021 marked a year of firsts for them. They brought their music on a North American tour that saw them performing at several iconic venues for the first time, including Boston’s Fenway Park. Thanks to a documentary crew along for the ride, the Jonas Brothers give fans insight into their exciting tour with the new documentary series, Moments Between The Moments.

The first episode of the five-part Moments Between The Moments series premiered this week in partnership with Messenger. Titled “A Year Of Firsts,” the episode takes viewers on a wild ride through the ups and downs on life on the road. The brothers may have been excited for the Fenway show, but the performance didn’t go as smoothly as they had hoped. As seen in the docuseries, Jonas Brothers experienced some difficulty actually getting their tour bus to Fenway — all thanks to a hotdog cart blocking the road. In order to make their set on time, the brothers decided to just get out of the bus and walk down the street.

In his interview for the series, Nick Jonas explained why this year has been very special for him:

“My mantra for 2021 was ‘a year of firsts.’ Did a Super Bowl commercial this year, first time, hosted and performed on SNL for the first time, got to play Fenway Park, the list goes on. It wasn’t something that I could have really planned, all these things just kind of happened. Fenway’s another benchmark for the brothers to have played thousands a venues across the world and to still have places that we’ve never played on this tour alone — it’s pretty cool. It was the biggest show on tour. You could feel it in the walls, you could feel it in the ground. To be one of a few artists who get to play there is really special.”

Watch Jonas Brothers’ Moments Between The Moments episode one here.