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The Hosts Of ‘The View’ Drag Lauren ‘Bobblehead’ Boebert For Her ‘Trashy’ Gun-Filled Christmas Photo

After Lauren Boebert graced the internet with a family Christmas photo that featured her and her children all brandishing guns less than a week after the school shooting in Michigan, the hosts of The View tore into the “shameless” Colorado senator and the state of the Republican Party. While the panel discussion was initially about Dan Crenshaw calling some of his GOP colleagues “grifters” and “performance artists,” the conversation soon shifted to Boebert’s photo, which the daytime TV show decided not to air because it was “too annoying,” according to host Joy Behar.

After co-host Sarah Haines ripped Boebert by saying you can be “pro-Second Amendment, and not pro-those kind of trashy pictures,” Behar wondered if there’s any chance of dealing with the Republican Party considering this type of behavior is becoming standard procedure.

Via The Wrap:

Behar, who dubbed the representative “Lauren ‘Bobblehead’ Boebert” took particular issue with the timing of the picture, considering that four students were killed in a school shooting in Michigan just last week.

“For her to put out a picture like that, shows that she’s completely shameless,” Behar said. “My question is can you even negotiate with shameless people? I don’t think it’s possible.”

While most of the panel agreed with Behar that there’s not much hope for the GOP, Whoopi Goldberg offered up her thoughts by pointing to Roy Moore‘s failed 2017 campaign. According to Whoopi, Republicans made a lot of noise about still voting for Moore despite his sexual misconduct allegations, but when they went inside the voting booth, they voted differently. As for the chances of that happening to provocateurs like Boebert when it comes time for reelection, it’s kind of hard to share Whoopi’s optimism that gun-filled Christmas cards will turn away Republican voters.

(Via The View on Twitter)