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What To Watch: Our Picks For The Ten TV Shows We Think You Should Stream This Weekend

Each week our staff of film and TV experts surveys the entertainment landscape to select the ten best new/newish shows available for you to stream at home. We put a lot of thought into our selections, and our debates on what to include and what not to include can sometimes get a little heated and feelings may get hurt, but so be it, this is an important service for you, our readers. With that said, here are our selections for this week.

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10. (tie) Yellowjackets (Showtime)


Are you in the mood for an intense survival epic and psychological horror story with plenty of coming-of-age touches? How about all of that with Juliette Lewis and Christina Ricci starring as the adult versions of two female athletes who were irretrievably shaken by their experiences after a plane crash in the wilderness? Sure, that sounds like a stressful description, but it’s also a hell of a watch. Not to mention another reason not to hop onto an airplane these days. Watch it on Showtime.

10. (tie) How to With John Wilson (HBO)


How To with John Wilson changed my life: I will never look at scaffolding the same way ever again. Or furniture covers. Or risotto. In every episode, New York City-based filmmaker John Wilson edits together seemingly mundane footage into a compelling narrative about life’s quirks. It’s occasionally heartbreaking, but it’s always hilarious. Make it a double feature with Adult Swim’s Joe Pera Talks with You. Watch it on HBO Max.

10. (tie) Saturday Morning All-Star Hits! (Netflix)


It’s Kyle Mooney from SNL, and he’s goofing on old campy/corny Saturday morning TV shows in a hybrid live-action/animation series for adults, and the project is described as “wildly irreverent and slightly disturbing.” So… yeah. Let’s all check this out and get as weird as we want. Watch it on Netflix.

9. The Expanse (Amazon Prime)

Amazon Prime

The final few episodes of this space epic drop this week, though knowing The Expanse (and its fandom) it’s hard to believe this is the end of the intergalactic journey. Before the screen fades to black though we’ve got ancient beings and protomolecule disasters and galaxy takeovers to contend with. The crew of the Rocinante must somehow save Earth, take down a space tyrant, and take some time to mourn one of their own. It’s a hell of a lot to pack into just six episodes but if any show can do it, it’s this one. Watch it on Amazon Prime.

8. Hanna (Amazon Prime)


Esmé Creed-Miles is back as the pint-sized, badass title character, who’s still attempting to defeat the mysterious powers that be while Dermot Mulroney’s operative is as sinister as ever. The third season promises more fight scenes and thrills, all while more characters get backstories, and Mireille Enos’ character forms one half of a lady power duo to cross generations. Watch it on Amazon Prime.

7. Santa, Inc. (HBO Max)

santa inc

In this stop-motion animated series, the perpetually jolly Seth Rogen voices what seems like Santa while Sarah Silverman plays the dedicated elf who’s seeking to become the first lady Santa. Let’s hope she kicks some butt and rises above all the dude candidates, and you’ll also hear the voices of Craig Robinson, Nicholas Braun, Maria Bamford, and more along the way.Watch it on HBO Max.

6. Anne Boleyn (AMC Plus)

anne boleyn

Queen & Slim star Jodie Turner-Smith leads this reimagining of Tutor England’s era of King Henry VIII, and history will tell us that Anne, his second wife, did not fare well in the long term. The story leans toward psychological thriller rather than period drama, and the patriarchal society gets a feminist twist here. Expect a visionary take on a snapshot of time that people only thought that they understood. Watch it on AMC Plus.

5. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Hulu)


The wait is over. The Gang is back to offer a playbook on how not to act, Forrest Gumping 2020, feigning wokeness, venturing back to the ’90s, and then going all the way to Ireland. From that description alone, it might sound like the show’s most epic season, and it may well be… which is fitting for its record-breaking 15th season. But no matter the ambition, these are still the same hilariously wicked monsters who inspire wonder over how they don’t get stabbed at the conclusion of every episode. Enjoy! Watch it on Hulu.

4. And Just Like That… (HBO Max)


Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte are back, along with the Big Apple. No Samantha will be found, given that Kim Cattrall declined to return, but there will be returning dudes, including Chris Noth’s Mr. Big. Yet there’s going to be a bittersweet aspect to this revival, given that Willie Garson (Stanford Blatch) recently passed away. All of those swirling moods will possibly disappear in a whirl of overwrought flower hats or something, but the show professes to be more inclusive this time around. Watch it on HBO Max.

3. The Great (Hulu)


The Great? More like The Great Show. Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult are back as Catherine the Great and Emperor Peter III, respectively, in season two of the wickedly funny Hulu series. If you like scheming and backstabbing, this is the show for you. Watch it on Hulu.

2. Hawkeye (Disney Plus)

Hawkeye Hailee Steinfeld Jeremy Renner

The MCU is in holiday mood for this series, which begins to pass the bow from Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton (who desperately wants a real retirement) to Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld, who hits the arrow-flinging mark while learning the ropes. The two battle through some sort of Christmas hellscape that feels awfully surreal, including a Captain America-themed musical and the entry of Vera Farmiga into the MCU. Also, Florence Pugh’s Yelena is on the way for Hawkeye, so watch out, man. Watch it on Disney Plus.

1. Succession (HBO Max)


Everyone’s favorite collection of monsters is back, once again, this time for a slightly delayed third season. Things left off with the Roy family in turmoil, as always, although this time from friendly fire, thanks to noted screw-up and amateur rapper Kendall making a big move. The new season is getting ugly in the best possible way, so hop on board week-to-week if you’re already a fan or load up a binge and get caught up to see what everyone’s yammering about all fall. Watch it on HBO Max.