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Deranged Mike Lindell’s Supporters Are Reportedly Mailing 80-Page Petitions To The Supreme Court To Demand That They Reinstate Trump As President

At some point in the past year or so, Mike Lindell went from creepy pillow salesman to deranged pusher of The Big Lie without missing a beat. So much so that we’re now just used to the fact that a heroin addict-turned-infomercial pitchman has become a kind of political operative who is regularly hosting rallies, protests, and days-long marathons in an attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Despite the fact that he’s being sued for more than $1 billion for continuing to push The Big Lie, and that he seems more invested in seeing Donald Trump back in the Oval Office again than even Donald Trump does, Lindell cannot be stopped. And now, as Raw Story reports, Lindell’s fans (a.k.a. enablers) are assisting the Pillow Man in his harassment of the Supreme Court.

According to Raw Story, Lindell’s believers are so enraged that the Supreme Court has yet to reply to his 80-PAGE petition to “reinstate” Trump as president that they have taken up the cause as well, and are now also sending hard copies of the hefty plea directly to the Supreme Court. This report comes from the Daily Beast’s Zachary Petrizzo, who tweeted that Lindell—who was giddy to hear that people were supporting him in his cause—“told The Daily Beast that he supports his followers ‘bombarding’ the Supreme Court with overnighted packages filled with his so-far unsuccessful legal filing.”

Will it be as effective a stunt as Lindell is hoping? Well, considering that there’s no reason why—or likely any mechanism for—the Supreme Court to just proclaim the guy who lost the election is now president, probably not. Also, since Lindell’s Thanksgiving “Thanks-a-Palooza” at one point only have about two dozen people watching while Lindell bragged it was millions… it’s possible the Supreme Court mailroom won’t even notice an influx in letters.

(Via Raw Story)