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Noted Vaccine Skeptic Tucker Carlson Now Thinks That Getting COVID ‘Feminizes’ And ‘Emasculates’ Men

Tucker Carlson has a lot of opinions, and almost all of them idiotic, offensive, unfounded, dangerous, or all of the above. His rhetoric surrounding COVID-19 in particular has been especially alarming. He’s regularly been called out by the media, scientific experts, and even his Fox News colleagues for sowing doubts and outright telling lies about COVID and vaccinations (all while refusing to state whether or not he himself has been vaccinated), yet he persists. And on Wednesday, as Mediaite reports, he made one of his most outlandishly inappropriate comments yet when he claimed that contracting COVID “feminizes people.”

By “people,” of course, Carlson means men. Manly men.

The comments were made while Carlson was chatting with Brexit instigator Nigel Farage on Carlson’s Fox Nation show Tucker Carlson Today. The two were discussing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s leadership skills, and the many flip-flops he has made. Which led Carlson to comment that:

“Somebody who knows him told me, and I’d be interested in getting your take on this, that getting COVID emasculated [Johnson]. It changed him, it feminized him, it weakened him as a man.”

Farage confirmed that Johnson, who was hospitalized with COVID in 2020 and spent time in the ICU, was indeed “very seriously ill” and noted that “one of the things we have learned from COVID is people who are 50, 60, 70, 80 pounds overweight tend to have fared very badly.”

Carlson agreed, but seemed desperate to get back to his decidedly sexist opinion that “The virus itself, this is true, does tend to take away the life force in some people I notice.” (Note: This is not true.) “It does feminize people,” Carlson continued. “No one ever says that, but it’s true.” (Again, this is not true. And no one ever says it because it’s not true.)

Farage seemed reluctant to agree with Carlson’s statement, though he did agree that getting COVID seemed to change Johnson—but Farage thinks that the prime minister’s new wife, whom he referred to as “Carrie Antoinette,” is the real issue.

If you want to watch two misogynistic pigs have a conversation about the dangers of COVID and women, you can watch the clip below.

(Via Mediaite)