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Wonder Woman Is Getting Her Own Game From The Development Team At Monolith Productions

Wonder Woman is one of the most well known superheroes in the DC Universe. The famous superhero Amazonian is known for her super strength, speed, and is nearly invincible. She’s also one of the members of the Justice League. All of this is to say, that people really adore Wonder Woman and she is someone that could be perfect to play in a video game.

Someone over at Monolith Productions and DC must have agreed, because it was revealed during The Game Awards on Thursday that Wonder Woman would be receiving her own game. We, unfortunately, didn’t get too much info as the reveal was not much more than a teaser, but it was enough to get us excited about the upcoming game.

Wonder Woman is the latest superhero to be announced for an upcoming game. We’ve already seen other superheroes like Spider-Man and Batman see success with their own video games, and we know a Wolverine game is on the way, so it’s exciting to see this trend continue with Wonder Woman.

What’s also exciting is the development team working on it is Monolith Productions. Most recently, Monolith made a name for itself with Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, an exciting game that took place in the Lord of the Rings universe. We’ve already seen them do a great adaptation with one universe so we can be confident in the development team’s ability to make magic happen again with another.