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Abby Shapiro Tried To Shame Madonna By Comparing Her To Nancy Reagan, And People Were Quick To Point Out That Nancy Reagan Was Rumored To Be The ‘Blowjob Queen Of Hollywood’

Right-wing anger bear/provocateur Ben Shapiro has been helping to engineer Gina Carano’s return to show biz, and elsewhere, his sister’s causing controversy. This revolves around Abby attempting to slut-shame Madonna, who’s been doing her outrageous thing since the 1980s. That’s nothing new, although recently, she did grow upset over being censored on Instagram over a nipped-out photo, but again, that’s business as usual for Madge. She cannot be shamed, although Abby Shapiro sure did try.

Shapiro refers to herself as “Classically Abby,” and as such, she decided to hold Nancy Reagan out as an example of this “Classic living” vibe. She tweeted photos of Madonna, age 63, and compared them to Reagan at 64. Naturally, she chose a wholesome looking photo of Nancy surrounded by family. “This is Madonna at 63. This is Nancy Reagan at 64,” Abby tweeted. “Trashy living vs. Classic living.”

Well, it sure sounds like Abby never read the Village Voice piece that quotes Nancy Reagan’s biographer, who wrote that (back in the day), Nancy Davis “was known to give the best blowjobs in town.” And there’s no shame in that game, truly, although it’s safe to guess that Abby, who was attempting to shame Madonna, would have never used Nancy Reagan as an example of sterling wholesomeness, had she known about those rumors.

Obviously, people were somewhat surprised by this turn of events, and that also caused “blowjob queen of Hollywood” to trend like crazy, at Abby’s expense.

Not everyone was surprised! Twitter is wild, man.