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Okay, Now Peloton Is Getting A Little Too Saucy About This ‘Sex And The City’ Business

WARNING: Spoilers for the series premiere of And Just Like That… below. Although, half of the world pretty much knows about this one by now.

After masterfully recovering from last week’s And Just Like That… fiasco thanks to a smooth assist from Ryan Reynolds, the Peloton social media account is starting to flex on people and possibly getting a little too sassy in the process. Granted, the exercise company pulled off a marketing coup by getting Chris Noth to show up in a new ad that it threw together in just two days, but did its Twitter account really need to start calling people out like this? I mean, sure, they theoretically brought Mr. Big back from the dead, but easy now.

“If we can put that spot together in 48 hours, you can do your workout today,” Peloton fired into a tranquil Monday afternoon without warning.

With less than two weeks to go until the holidays, and it only being the start of the work week, people were not exactly thrilled about the saucy tweet. In fact, some went so far to say that Peloton just took all of the goodwill it earned and threw it in the garbage.

However, there were people who were actually loving the energy that Peloton and its marketing team were throwing down. These people are obviously unholy exercise beasts who have never experienced the joy of doing nothing, sweet blissful nothing, but good for them for “crushing it” or whatever people who workout say. It’s a mystery.

(Via Peloton on Twitter)