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Xbox Has Created An Entire Documentary Series About Its History

Have you ever wanted to know how the Xbox came to be? What it took for Microsoft to enter the console market and take on Nintendo and Sony? While most of us know at least a little bit of the story, there is still so much more we can learn about. Luckily for those of us intrigued by the history of video games, there is a way to learn as much as we want about how the Xbox came to be.

Microsoft has created and produced an entire documentary series about the history of the Xbox named Power On: The Story of Xbox. This series not only shows how the Xbox came to be but how it handled its rise and failures. Some of those failures include the red ring of death on the 360 and how the console producer briefly “lost its way.”

The entire series is available on YouTube and can be watched for free. It can also be found on Redbox, the Microsoft Store, IMDb TV, and The Roku Channel. It’s six episodes each and all of the episodes are about 40 minutes long. It seems like the perfect series for anyone that’s interested in the history of video games, Xbox, or just needs something to watch over the next few days.