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Band Of Horses Delay Their ‘Things Are Great’ LP But Share The Casually Gory ‘In Need Of Repair’ Video

Veteran indie band Band Of Horses were set to make their return after five years in early 2022, but like many other bands right now, they’re being put behind schedule thanks to some vinyl factory delays. Their new album Things Are Great was set to drop in January but it’s now been pushed back until March. To make up for the delay, Band Of Horses shared a video for their recent, breezy single “In Need Of Repair.”

Directed by Zach Tavel of the studio Easy Pete, Band Of Horses’ “In Need Of Repair” video features a lot of casually gruesome scenes, like someone gouging out their eyeballs and another person cutting off their tongue. Explaining his vision behind the visual, Tavel said he shot the video on 16mm film and shared his inspiration:

“As soon as I heard ‘In Need Of Repair’ I knew I wanted to do a video for this song. It’s got that big sweeping chorus and the sort of lyrics that really lend themselves to a powerful and emotionally striking music video. But I thought it would be more fun to do the opposite of that by bringing In Need Of Repair’s central metaphor to life with a tongue-in-cheek, surface-level interpretation of what the song is talking about: a series of people who physically repair themselves in order to fix specific problems and suffer ill consequences as a result, because, as the song says, ‘it’s not enough.’”

Explaining the reason for changed release date, Band Of Horses founder Ben Bridwell explained that there’s been some unavoidable vinyl delays. “We were so excited to put our record out on January 21 this year, but given the current supply chain issues, we had to shift it about a month later so we could make vinyl,” he said, explaining the new release date is March 4, 2022. “It was important for us to make sure our fans could listen to our music in whatever format they like. On par with the times, and life, gotta just roll with the punches. In the whole scheme of things, a tiny bump in the road and we just love you.”

Watch Band Of Horses’ “In Need Of Repair” video above.

Things Are Great is out 3/4/2022 via BMG. Pre-order it here.