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Howard Stern Is Trolling Chris Wallace Over His Decision To Leave Fox News For CNN+

On Monday morning, Howard Stern joined the chorus of people who lauded Chris Wallace for finally leaving Fox News, but naturally, the shock jock made sure to add his blunt assessment of Wallace’s next career move. The veteran anchor who’s often been praised for being a voice of reason over at Fox News has accepted a position at CNN+. While Stern has often wondered how Wallace “put up with this sh*t” at his old job, he’s even more puzzled by his move to CNN’s streaming service.

Via Mediaite:

“I gotta tell ya,” Stern said. “People don’t watch CNN, who the hell is going to pay for CNN+? Are they out of their mind? CNN+, I mean what is that? Regular CNN isn’t enough?”

Stern said he won’t pay for CNN+ and doesn’t expect others to either. “Good luck being seen on that thing,” Stern said. “I mean I like Chris Wallace, but I’m not paying a monthly service fee.”

After ribbing Wallace for jumping to CNN, who Stern is certain offered him the “dough re mi,” the radio giant floated another possible reason for Wallace’s departure, and it was pure Stern.

“Maybe he said to himself, ‘They just had Jeffrey Toobin jerking off on a zoom meeting, and they didn’t really fire him, so that’s probably a good place to work. You can jerk off on your zoom and not get fired,’” Stern said. “I think he saw an opportunity.”

(Via Mediaite)