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Simon Rex Opened Up About How He Got Away With Interviewing Tupac While Stoned

In a new feature to promote his critically-acclaimed performance in Red Rocket, former MTV VJ turned actor, Simon Rex, walked A24 through his decades-long career that all started when he was spotted by a modeling agent while taking his girlfriend to a photo shoot. After former MTV VJs like Pauly Shore and Regina Hall popped up to reminisce about the days of cueing up music videos and hosting beach parties, Rex revealed the time he had a surprise interview with Tupac Shakur dropped in his lap.

According to Rex, the VJ wasn’t exactly in the right state of mind for the on-camera appearance, but neither was Tupac. Via Entertainment Weekly:

As a VJ, Rex was at an event and having clocked out of work, he and his producer were getting stoned when Tupac Shakur suddenly just showed up — as iconic rappers tend to do.

“And they’re like, ‘You have to interview Tupac now, live, on TV,’” Rex says. “And I said to my producer, ‘I’m too stoned.’ They go, ‘Don’t worry, so is he.’”

If you watch the clip, Rex and Tupac are clearly smoked up, which was not uncommon for the legendary rapper. In fact, Tupac’s legacy of loving weed is currently living on through, and we’re not joking, actor Jim Belushi. The ’90s were wild, man.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)