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Griff Mashed Up ‘Heart Of Gold’ And Lorde’s ‘Royals’ Into One Glorious Pop Song

Griff is a rising pop star who is just getting started — a genius upstart from the UK who is already making her mark on music. After releasing her One Foot In Front Of The Other EP earlier this year, several of the songs on the project popped out, including the already massive “Black Hole” and its follow up “One Night.” Another deep cut from the mixtape, though, is “Heart Of Gold,” a song about falling for someone and admiring how open and vulnerable their heart is. The song is marked by a super prominent beat, and during a live show in October, Griff revealed just how well the beat goes really well with Lorde’s breakout hit, “Royals.”

Since the pandemic has been ongoing during the breakout of Griff’s smash streaming hit, “Black Hole,” she’s had to postpone plenty of shows and tours as the guidelines for large gatherings were constantly shifting. But, she’s finally been able to tour behind her music, and already is finding ways to be innovative during her live show. That’s part of why cameras were ready at a gig in London this fall, when Griff took “Royals” and slid it right into the middle of “Heart Of Gold,” creating one glorious pop song out of two. We already know Griff is a Lorde fan because she previously covered “Solar Power” as part of BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge tradition. Check out the mash up above.