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Fox Business Went Full ‘Idiocracy,’ And The Comparison Clip Is Spot-On

Idiocracy landed in theaters over fifteen years ago, and since that time (especially over the past five years), Mike Judge’s movie has remained forefront in the collective consciousness. Obviously, the thought of Terry Crews’ President Camacho blasting firearms springs to mind (while Luke Wilson’s smartest dude cringes), and endless comparisons can be made about the film’s central premise: civilization lies in a shambles in the movie because the smart people stopped having kids, and the not-so-smart people populated the earth with their genes to disastrous effect.

One can barely witness a week of the current political/cable-news cycle without someone, somewhere, comparing the situation to Idiocracy. The pandemic’s exacerbated the situation with the antivaxxers shoving scientists to the side, and yep, this won’t stop anytime soon. Over on Fox Business, however, one of the movie’s key moments was nearly replicated last week by host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, who’s still known simply as “Kennedy,” a moniker that’s stuck around since her 1990s MTV VJ days. As highlighted by Digg, Kennedy reverted into incomprehensible noises during a discussion about student loans. Now, the comparison clip is circulating on Twitter.

Above, Kennedy’s shown reacting to Alexandra Ocasio Cortez and Rashida Tlaib’s remarks about the sky-high debt that people find themselves in after pursuing higher education. Both of these representatives argued for the cancellation of at least some amount of this debt, and Kennedy wasn’t feeling it. She practically channelled part of Idiocracy‘s Velveeta and Formica exchange (including the “blah blah blah followup”), and yikes. Clearly, the film continues to be prescient, and everything has come full circle now, even if we’re talking about Fox Business, rather than Fox News itself.