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2021’s Most Popular Tweets Came From BTS And Basically Nobody Else

Musicians dominate social media: Four of the ten most-followed Instagram accounts are those of musicians, and that number jumps to five (including three of the top four) when you look at Twitter’s top accounts. BTS tends to have a massive presence on Twitter, as they had virtually all of 2020’s most-liked tweets. Well, this year, it turns out they did even better on the platform: Of 2021’s ten most-liked tweets (according to Wikipedia, with data accurate as of December 15 and updated by Uproxx on December 28 for this post), BTS had eight of them.

The year’s top tweet comes from Joe Biden, who tweeted on January 20 (the day he officially became president), “It’s a new day in America,” a tweet that has 4 million likes and is the third most-liked tweet ever. The second most-liked tweet came from Twitter themselves, who tweeted, “hello literally everyone,” as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp experienced outages on October 4. That one has 3.3 million likes.

After that, the rest of the year’s top tweets are literally all from BTS. Their most-liked tweet is a Jungkook selfie captioned with a kissy face emoji, which has 3.2 million likes. That was also the most retweeted tweet of 2021 site-wide, not just for BTS. Most of their other tweets in the top ten are selfies from various group members, but one standout among those is a video of BTS enjoying Harry Styles performing “Falling” at a concert.

Even outside of the top ten, all of the rest of the year’s top tweets (up to No. 19, where Wikipedia’s data ends for 2021 tweets) are from BTS. Making an appearance in that range is a tweet of photos featuring J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and V meeting Lizzo.

Check out the list of 2021’s top ten tweets below.

1. Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) — “It’s a new day in America.” (4 million likes; January 20)
2. Twitter (@Twitter) — “hello literally everyone” (3.3 million likes; October 4)
3. BTS (@BTS_twt) — “[kissy face emoji]” (3.2 million likes; January 24)
4. BTS (@BTS_twt) — “아미 보고 싶다 ㅜ” (3.1 million likes; April 11)
5. BTS (@BTS_twt) — “[heart with arrow through it emoji] @Harry_Styles [heart with ribbon emoji]” (3 million likes; November 20)
6. BTS (@BTS_twt) — “셀프 염색 🙂 #JJK” (3 million likes; February 24)
7. BTS (@BTS_twt) — “연습 연습 연습!!! #JK” (3 million likes; May 29)
8. BTS (@BTS_twt) — “Love U [purple heart emoji]” (2.9 million likes; November 24)
9. BTS (@BTS_twt) — “focus on army [purple heart emoji]” (2.9 million likes; November 22)
10. BTS (@BTS_twt) — “[thumbs up emoji]” (2.9 million likes; September 20)

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