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Alex Jones Whines Like A Jilted Lover Over How Much It ‘Hurts’ That Trump Supports Vaccines In An Emotional Rant

Alex Jones is in the midst of a serious relationship crisis. And no, we’re not talking about his marriage to Erika Wulff Jones—his wife of four years, who was arrested on Christmas Eve for violently attacking the InfoWars founder after she allegedly accused him of cheating on her. We’re talking about his much more public (and, to be clear, platonic) love affair with former president Donald Trump. On Tuesday, as Raw Story reports, Jones posted a video in which he admitted that he is taking Trump’s newly pro-vaccination stance as a very personal affront.

After rattling off a laundry list of all the “evil” people who have promoted COVID vaccines like he was Bubba from Forrest Gump, it clearly pained Jones to include Trump—a man he spent many years championing—among those names.

“The fact that I was persecuted for supporting Trump makes it ten times worse! I know Podesta’s evil, I know Hillary’s evil, I know Obama’s evil, and I know Fauci’s evil, I know Bill Gates is evil, and I know they’re all evil! But Trump did a lot of good, and I believed in him! So, the fact that he’s done this makes it personal. It makes it hurt!”

Still, Jones—conspiracy theorist that he is—doesn’t seem totally convinced that there’s not some other factor at play in the former president’s vaccine U-turn (the same vaccine Trump has begging to get some credit for pushing through so quickly, and seemed shocked/touched when Joe Biden did in fact give him just that).

As Raw Story noted last week, Jones issued an “emergency Christmas Day warning” to Trump in which he declared that, “You are either completely ignorant… or you are one of the most evil men who ever lived.” (Though he also allowed that blackmail could be behind the change of heart.)

(Via Raw Story)