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‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Fielded The Best Compliment From Another Contestant Before Breaking Yet Another Record

Trans Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down after the show (finally) returned to regular-play (sorry, professors) after a two-week detour. Schneider emerged this week (and it ain’t over yet) with another record after already achieving the top-earning woman status (and she’s gone on to amass even more with over $806,000 in total winnings, even before any tournament play, which will happen because Amy’s eligible for the next Tournament of Champions).

The new record? Well, Amy did not manage to answer a Machine Gun Kelly question (although to be fair, no one did), but she did win her 21st game. And that’s a milestone among women, eclipsing Julia Collins, who claimed the 20-game record in 2014. Before this record happened, though, something else cool went down. That’d be this Monday exchange, in which a defeated contestant (Chas Abdel-Nabi, a learning developer from Georgia) declared, “Truly an honor to lose to you, Amy.”

In response, Amy was as humble (remember, she once opened up about what “sucks” about winning) as ever after metaphorically chopping off a few more heads. “Oh, thanks,” Amy declared. “You were both really strong. I feel like it was kind of a disadvantage that you were both drawn together. Cause like, I feel like you were, stealing each other sometimes, yeah.”

Current (and hopefully, permanent) co-host Ken Jennings seconded that sentiment. “That’s true… You’d rather have two strong challengers than one because they’re going to divide it up, yeah.” And Amy will continue to defend her champion status on Thursday night when she’ll aim for her 22nd Jeopardy! win.