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Lil Xan Puts His Former Manager Stat Quo On Blast For Enabling His Drug Addiction

Lil Xan’s reign of terror over rap is a few years in the rearview, but while the controversial rapper hasn’t been quite as visible for a while, he still has at least one bone to pick with the music business — or more specifically, with his former manager, former Shady Records rapper Stat Quo. In a recent Instagram Live session, the now 25-year-old — who was able to get clean last year after quitting pills cold-turkey during quarantine — called out his ex-manager for enabling his addiction, comparing the situation to that of his late SoundCloud Rap peer, Lil Peep.

“Do you guys remember the whole Lil Peep, the story when his management was giving him drugs and it just wasn’t helping out and all that?” he asks. That happened to me on tour. My manager — well, I don’t even like to call him my manager anymore — Stat Quo, remember that name, Stat Quo… He’s gonna act like he didn’t do that, like a f*ckin’ hypocrite, and I’m really feeling like I should take him to court. Because that was a time I almost died from the drugs. I was so skinny, unhealthy.” Xan claims Stat knew his dealers and spend thousands of dollars to have drugs sent if Xan was experiencing withdrawal on tour.

Xan also says that Stat “took away” his car and is demanding $30,000 to finish paying it off. Xan — who recently made the effort to change his stage name to his given name, Diego, was open about his addiction to prescription drugs throughout his career and his breakout hit, “Betrayed,” is an ode to the dangers of pills.