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Marjorie Taylor Greene Was Temporarily Banned From Facebook The Day After She Was Booted Permanently From Twitter

If one of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s new year’s resolutions was to get booted from major social media platforms, she’s doing a fine job. On Sunday, the controversial Georgia lawmaker and bad idea-haver was permanently banned from Twitter because she couldn’t stop sharing COVID misinformation. But she wasn’t done yet. The very next day she got a lighter sentence from an even more hated platform.

As per The New York Times, Greene was handed a 24-hour suspension by Facebook, where they once allegedly vowed to not fact-check former president and serial fibber Donald J. Trump. What landed Greene in hot water? A lengthy post from Saturday about American life “Before COVID” and “After COVID,” in which she wrote falsely about “extremely high amounts of Covid vaccine deaths.” As per NYT:

Ms. Greene’s post cited misleading information from a government database of unverified raw data called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, a decades-old system that relies on self-reported cases from patients and health care providers.

Greene dropped the post on her personal account. However, her government account remains active, as is also the case on Twitter.

A spokesperson for Facebook said in a statement that while they removed Greene’s post, deleting the account entirely is “beyond the scope of our policies.”

The platform has repeatedly altered their content policies since the start of the pandemic. Last December, they announced they would delete posts that had been debunked by the World Health Organization or government agencies.

By Tuesday, Greene’s personal account will return to its regularly scheduled programming, but her personal Twitter account will likely never return, meaning she’ll have to find somewhere else to attack fellow rightwing politician Dan Crenshaw.

(Via NYT)