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‘Fox And Friends’ Host Brian Kilmeade Trashed People Staying Home Sick With Covid, And Oh, The Hypocrisy

Due to the Omicron variant, Covid-19 continues to make the contagious rounds, even causing L.L. Cool J to pull out of his New Year’s Eve set among a sea of cancellations. Things will likely be very messy for awhile, considering that the holiday surge-and-backlog factor caused an unprecedented one-million U.S. infections to be reported in one day. The New York City subway’s down some train routes, businesses everywhere are attempting to keep operations going amid callouts, and so on.

Yet there’s one person who has no sympathy for anyone who does the right thing by not going to work while sick and infectious. That would be Fox And Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade, who began Tuesday morning with complaints that people won’t just “live with it” and spread that virus even further than it’s already going. And curiously enough, Kilmeade unloaded on the subject while broadcasting remotely, via Mediaite:

“It’s called ‘live with it.’ Go to work. Live with it. Get on a train. Get on a bus. Get on a plane. How do we live with it? We can no longer hide from it.”

Yikes, someone is really trying to outdo his colleague, Tucker Carlson, who’s now incredibly bored with this Covid thing. Well, Covid ain’t bored with people yet, but Fox And Friends has already lamented how “no one wants to work anymore,” so looking for logic here isn’t going to be a fruitful search. As Steve Doocy recently pointed out, though, the entire Fox And Friends trio is vaccinated, so at least there’s that.

(Via Mediaite)