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Donald Trump’s Already-Shady TRUTH Social Is Reportedly Eyeing President’s Day For Its Official Launch Date

In late October, Donald Trump finally (sort of) made good on his threats to create his own social media site when he announced the birth of the unironically ironically-named TRUTH Social. In the days and weeks that followed, we learned that the former president may have violated securities laws in order to create the site and that it had used some pretty shady practices to get funded and attempt to go public. But none of the controversy has seemed to dampen Trump’s excitement to start TRUTHING (his equivalent of tweeting). And now it’s looking like both Donald and the public at large will be able to do that beginning President’s Day.

According to The Verge, a listing on the App Store notes the release date of TRUTH Social as being February 21, 2022—which just happens to be President’s Day. As Jay Peters writes:

“Truth Social looks very much like a Twitter clone, based on screenshots in the App Store listing. The profile page shown in one screenshot looks almost exactly like Twitter’s, and posts appear to have icons for replies, retweets, faves, and sharing. (Truth Social describes each individual post as a ‘truth’ in the app’s description. The retweet equivalent is apparently called a ‘re-truth.’)”

Trump, of course, was a devoted fan of Twitter for many years—until he was permanently banned one year ago, following the violent events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. After embarrassingly trying to sneak his way back onto the platform, and being caught, he vowed to create his own social media site instead. That would be TRUTH, which was so poorly designed that pranksters managed to overrun the site and register with usernames like @donaldtrump and @mikepence before it had even launched a beta site. Here’s hoping that the official launch is just as exciting.

(Via The Verge)