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The Tennessee House GOP Chair Tried To Fight A Ref And Pull Down His Pants At A High School Basketball Game

You know how, sometimes, you go to a sporting event and you get mad at the referees and then you go about your life, never acting on your anger towards a referee outside of yelling at them while they are within earshot? Well, guess what: There is a man who decided he was gonna act on that anger, and as a result, the Chairman of the Tennessee House Republican Caucus had to issue up an apology.

Jeremy Faison, who was first elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives in 2010, attended a basketball game between Providence Academy and Lakewood Christian Academy earlier this week in which he, uh, tried to fight a referee and then attempted to pull the dude’s pants down. Both of his efforts were unsuccessful, but he did successfully embarrass himself, so at least he had that going for him.

Faison went on to put out a brief statement on the incident that includes the phrases “I acted the fool tonight” and “totally lost my junk,” both of which do, somehow, get close to describing how weird the whole thing was.

Now, you might or might not ever attend a high school basketball game, but regardless, let this be a lesson: Do not, under any circumstances, get so mad at a referee that you try to fight them and then, when that doesn’t work out, attempt to pull their pants down. In fact, this applies to sporting events at any level. It’s not worth it! You’d look very silly! Alright, have a nice weekend, everyone.