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Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Leveled With Trump In An On-Air Appeal: ‘You Have To Learn To Lose’

Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade can’t seem to stop sparring, even if one such instance was a truly unfortunate one. Kilmeade came for Steve Doocy on the subject of his family’s Omicron outbreak and boosters, but Kilmeade’s also being a bit of an equal-opportunity sparrer lately. To that end, he actually took aim at former President Trump for his continued insistence that the Big Lie isn’t a lie; and Trump still insists that he won the 2020 election.

This resurrected Big Lie (which never died, by the way) got a re-up from Trump because he’s been so very angry about Biden’s fiery January 6 anniversary address. Well, Kilmeade is no longer here for the big lie. On Sunday, he visited with Howard Kurtz on MediaBuzz and effectively told Trump to shush on the subject, for good. In other words, at least some Fox News hosts are growing weary of Trump’s continued insistence that he’s not a loser. Here’s what Kilmeade said:

“In life, you have to learn to lose. Hillary Clinton has to learn that, Al Gore pretty much did learn that, Stacey Abrams didn’t learn that… If you did, in fact, get screwed out of this election, put together an A-team list of lawyers, not the ones we witnessed, show us the districts and show us how.”

It’ll be interesting to see whether the MAGA leader will push back at Kilmeade, who used to be a massive Trump cheerleader. Kilmeade even looked aghast (a few years ago) when Steve Doocy declared that Trump was not automatically welcome to call into Fox and Friends whenever he liked. Imagine that! Well, maybe (just maybe) the magic has worn off for Kilmeade, too.