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Ja Morant Had The Block Of The Year On A Chase Down Of Avery Bradley

All Ja Morant seemingly does it make highlights.

Sunday, with the Grizzlies playing the Lakers in Los Angeles, was no different. In the first quarter, after a lazy pass was picked off by Avery Bradley, Morant chased Bradley down and timed it so perfectly that he not only blocked the shot without fouling, but kept the ball inbounds by catching it at the top of the square, as one does.

Just look at the replay again and watch how Morant tracks Bradley. When he loses the ball, he jogs back towards the middle of the floor, knowing that Desmond Bane is there to cut of Bradley from the rim. And once he sees Bradley make his move, he goes too, turning on the jets and leaping right as Bradley tries to up through Bane. Morant timed all of this perfectly and on the fly right after he committed a turnover.

With a closer look, it even looks like Morant is able to block the shot, grab the ball mid-air and throw it off of the backboard so Memphis keeps the ball. Just a simple, run-of-the-mill play.

There’s really no one like Morant in the NBA right now. Whenever he plays, he’s making things happen that few other players can do, much less a 6’3 point guard. His athleticism and timing make him be able to pull off plays that he just shouldn’t be able to do. And it seems like Morant does this every time on he’s on the court. The plays he makes with regularity just don’t make sense.