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The Oscars Will Have Its First Host In Three Years, And People Have Some Not Exactly Serious Suggestions

Remember when the Oscars had a host? You might not. After all, it’s been a while. The last time was 2018, four whole years ago, when Jimmy Kimmel hosted for the second time in a row. The first time Kimmel emceed, in 2017, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway gave the Best Picture trophy to the wrong movie. Kimmel made jokes about the awkward mix-up. It was great. It showed that the Oscars need a host. But they’ve been without it the last three ceremonies, for a myriad of awkward reasons. But now, it looks like that era is thankfully, after much imploring, coming to an end.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the 94th iteration of the Academy Awards, scheduled for March 27, will finally go back to having one fun person lord over the program. Who will it be? Maybe Tom Holland. Not only did the current Spider-Man — who can even do a little soft-shoe — express interest in hosting the show, but the Academy reportedly reached out to him as well. So that might happen.

It might also get people — such as the record number of people watching him in Spider-Man: No Way from Home despite a re-spiking pandemic — to watch an annual show that has fallen in the ratings. The first time the Oscars went hostless, in 2019, the show’s ratings actually rose a bit, from 26.62 million in 2018 with Kimmel to 29.56 million. Then things took a nasty turn. In 2020, sans host, it dipped to 23.64 million. Last year, again with no hosts (and a lot of social distancing and long speeches), it plummeted to 10.40 million.

So now we’re getting a host again. When the news broke, people had lots of suggestions. Or at least jokes.

Some suggestions were semi-serious.

In fact, some of these are good ideas.

If Tom Holland doesn’t pan out, maybe the Academy can think outside the box.

(Via THR)