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A Boston Attorney Has Laid Out A Simple, Compelling Case For Charging Trump With Seditious Conspiracy For The Jan 6th Insurrection

Following Merrick Garland‘s press conference on the status of the investigation into the January 6 insurrection, Boston-based attorney James Doyle was struck by what he saw as an overarching theme that Garland and the Biden administration view Donald Trump as “beneath the law.” In essence, Doyle argues that Biden and Garland’s view isn’t that Trump should be protected from prosecution because of his status as a former president, but instead, that’s it’s not worth the time and energy. Doyle disagrees.

In the opening of a new op-ed, Doyle lays out a compelling case that Trump’s actions during the January 6 riot show he’s guilty of seditious conspiracy. Specifically, reports that he rebuffed pleas to stop the violence while sitting in the Oval Office watching the chaos ensue and even rewound the footage to watch over and over again.

“From Trump’s inaction we can infer—the inference is inescapable—that he meant to see the certification of the electoral vote delayed and, if possible, prevented,” Doyle writes. “After that, something might break his way. He might hold onto power.” Via The Crime Report:

Delay would at least keep his hopes alive. The federal crime of Seditious Conspiracy is set out in 18 United States Code §2384. In relevant part it states that:

If two or more persons . . . conspire . . . by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States… they shall each be fined or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

It is not a complicated law. It is not a complicated case. Donald Trump is guilty of Seditious Conspiracy.

After laying out the case that Trump is guilty, Doyle spends the rest of the op-ed challenging Garland and the Department of Justice to not let Trump skate. The Boston attorney feels the case against Trump should be presented to a grand jury to decide. “For once, his conduct should be weighed by citizens, not politicians, and in a forum where tested proof, not wild allegation and fantasy, is required.”

(Via The Crime Report)