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Jim Gaffigan Tells Joe Rogan That ‘Joe Biden’s Corpse’ Would Make A Better President Than Donald Trump

Jim Gaffigan has never made a secret of his disdain for Donald Trump’s politics. In August 2020, the typically even-keeled Hot Pockets-loving comedian surprised a lot of people when he went off on the then-president on Twitter, calling him “a fascist who has no belief in law.” While it’s now been nearly a year since Trump was pushed out of the White House, Gaffigan’s feelings toward the former reality star have not become any less emphatic.

On the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, as Mediaite shared, Gaffigan said that if given a choice between voting for Trump or Joe Biden’s rotting corpse, he would undoubtedly choose the latter. “I would take Biden’s corpse over Trump,” Gaffigan said.

When Rogan responded that one needs to look at both the president and the people surrounding the president, “all the other folks that are moving things in place,” Gaffigan remained unmoved in his opinion, noting that Trump had the likes Betsy DeVos and Stephen Miller surrounding him. “You’d take all those people?,” Gaffigan asked Rogan. “Even Mike Pence,” Gaffigan continued. “Say what you want about Kamala—it’s like, any of those people…”

When Rogan responded that he didn’t think Kamala Harris was “the best example” to use given her “storied history of incarcerating people and keeping people in jail past the time they were supposed to be released to use them as cheap labor for the state of California,” Gaffigan’s response was enough to end the conversation, or any conversation really: “Mike Pence believed in, like, you could do therapy to get rid of gay.”

You can watch the full clip at Mediaite here.

(Via Mediaite)