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Bill Burr Blasts ‘F*cking Morons’ For Claiming Bob Saget Died Because He Was Vaccinated

Never one to hold back his thoughts when he sees people spreading stupid and highly dangerous conspiracy theories about the COVID vaccine, comedian Bill Burr absolutely unloaded on the “f*cking morons” who are now claiming that his dear friend Bob Saget died because he was vaccinated. During the latest episode of his Monday Morning podcast, Burr said it’s been a “sad week” dealing with the “f*cking brutal” shock of losing Saget. And it’s that pain that fueled Burr’s rant as he went off on people like conservative personality Candace Owens who claimed the vaccine killed Saget, mirroring a talking point that foolishly kicked up after Betty White‘s death at the end of 2021.

“The amount of dumb shit that people are saying,” Burr said before going to town. Via Mediaite:

Burr went on to joke that anti-vaxxers have modern medicine to thank for their “existence,” as it kept their parents alive so that they could “f*ck and then make them so that they could then go on the internet and express their ideas.”

“F*cking morons, you know, and this is coming from someone who went to summer school almost every year,” he said, adding, “Somebody gets mad about something and comes up with this angle of f*cking horseshit and these people just, they just run with it.”

Burr has been a vocal critic of anti-vaxxers and routinely putting them on blast has become a staple of his show as the pandemic continues to rage on thanks in no small part to conservatives refusing to get the shot.

“It’s so f*cking dumb, this ‘I don’t trust it,’ you’re full of shit that you don’t trust it,” Burr said back in July. “Cause I’ll tell you right now, if they came out with a shot that gave you a flat stomach and abs, all of these same people that ‘you ain’t f*ckin with my freedom,’ they’d be right down there getting that f*cking thing.”

(Via Mediaite)