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Cowboys WR Cedric Wilson Ducked Under A Pass Because He Lost It In The Sun And Everyone Had Jokes

The Dallas Cowboys played host to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in the late afternoon window of Super Wild Card Weekend, and as happens often in afternoon kicks in Dallas, the sun began to wreak havoc in AT&T Stadium because, for whatever reason, they built it with giant windows that face west.

As the sun gets lower, the glare on the field gets worse and in the late second quarter the Cowboys were on the wrong end of the sun issue on an important 3rd and 20 at midfield, trailing 16-7 in the final minute. Dak Prescott was trying to find Cedric Wilson over the middle in order to get into field goal range to make it a one-possession game before the half. Instead, the ball went whistling just over Wilson’s helmet because when the receiver turned back to find the ball he got hit with a face full of sun and never saw the ball, ducking out of fear of taking a pass to the facemask, unsure where the pass was.

It could prove to be costly, as it would’ve set up a long Greg Zuerlein field goal attempt, which while not automatic, would’ve given Dallas a chance for back-to-back scores to take the lead as they get the ball back to start the second half. Instead, they punted to the Niners who ran out the clock in the half and went to the locker room up 9 as the Cowboys offense has had its struggles with execution, a really talented San Francisco defense, and even the damn sun, which Twitter found rather hilarious.