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Jimmy Kimmel Isn’t Here For Trump’s ‘Most Insane’ Lie About Putin: ‘Be An American For One Minute’

Following Donald Trump‘s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida over the weekend, Jimmy Kimmel got right to work hammering the former president for continuing to push his “most insane” lie about Vladimir Putin as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine. During his Monday night monologue, Kimmel blasted Trump for saying that no one was harder on Putin than him, to which Kimmel quipped, “No one was harder for Putin.”

The very same night the Ukraine invasion began, Trump made headlines for calling the move by Putin “smart” and “savvy,” so Kimmel really doesn’t want to hear from the former guy that he could’ve stopped all of this from happening when Trump’s love for Putin couldn’t be more blatant. Via HuffPost:

“I don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly interested in hearing Capt. Bone Spurs’ thoughts on war when his only military credentials are leading an attack on his own vice president at the Capitol,” Kimmel said. “Be an American for one minute and shut up. Even the clown from ‘It’ took a few years off between terrorizing children.”

As the late night host continue to blast Trump’s not exactly subtle appreciation for Putin, Kimmel got in a dig by gaming out how Trump will be screwed if Biden and the rest of the world cripple the Russian economy.

“This is a tough one for Donald Trump,” Kimmel said. “If Biden’s sanctions work and Russia runs out of money, in 2024 there’ll be no one to fund his campaign.”

(Via HuffPost)