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Dax Shepard Revealed That He Dated ‘Funny And Intelligent’ Ashley Olsen Years Ago

Dax Shepard is now happily married to Kristen Bell, and the duo have two young kids who don’t really bathe. But, long before Shepard married the Good Place actress, the comedian claims he was with another famous blonde, Ashley Olsen.

On an episode of Shepard’s hit podcast Armchair Expert, the actor says he dated Olsen “15 or 16 years ago,” when she and her twin Mary-Kate were just beginning their venture into fashion. “I just saw her at a party and was kind of thunderstruck by her beauty,” Shepard added.

The Olsen twins have been icons in the fashion industry after retiring from acting in the early 2000s. They created The Row in 2006, which was around when Shepard says they dated. “I was able to see her meet with design teams and, like, run her sh*t and she handled her [business], and it’s very impressive.” The Row features high-end clothing and accessories, you know, all the things they sold on their hit Playstation video game, Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Mystery Mall.

Shepard continued with praise for both twins, who he described as “super funny and sarcastic and intelligent. And they are major f**king bosses.” Of course, we knew this, since you need to be a boss to be able to star in over a dozen movies before the age of 18.

Despite their acting ventures, the two have been relatively quiet since making their way into the fashion scene and famously did not return for the Full House reboot. Luckily, Shepard has never seen the show before. “I luckily never saw that show,” he said. “Because I probably wouldn’t have been able to be attracted to Ashley if I knew her as a baby.” It should be noted that when Shepard met Olsen she was likely 19 or 20 according to his timeline, which would make him in his early thirties, but oh well.