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Kanye West Opens Up About Virgil Abloh’s Death And Reuniting With Drake

The end of 2021 was filled with highs and lows for Kanye West. At the end of November, he experienced the loss of Virgil Abloh, a beloved fashion designer and DJ who passed away after a two-year battle with cancer. Kanye and Virgil were close friends and the two collaborated numerous times over the years. A short time later, Kanye and Drake held their Larry Hoover Benefit Concert, which came after the two settled their differences after being on bad terms for three years. During a celebrity-filled Black Future Month brunch that was held last month, Kanye reflected on Virgil’s death and reconnecting with Drake.

“Virgil was the third person in a position of power at LVMH to die of cancer,” Kanye said. “Without his gang, without his support system, without his Dame Dash.” Kanye also expressed his frustration with seeming to have been boxed out of a collaboration with Virgil. He also claimed he was not allowed to speak at the late designer’s funeral back in December. Later, Kanye thanked Larry Hoover for helping to patch things up between him and Drake.

“Larry Hoover brought me and Drake together,” he said. “That man created peace. He called that from the prison. Larry Hoover called that from the prison, and everybody was happy.” He added, “When people see me and Drake pull up to a basketball game with both of our sons, with my oldest and his son, that’s gonna save people’s lives in the hood. They’re gonna see that.”

You can watch the 90-minute Black Future Month brunch conference on Facebook here.