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Olivia Rodrigo Puts A New Spin On ‘Deja Vu’ Before Accepting The ‘Billboard’ Woman Of The Year Award

Last night, Billboard hosted its annual Women In Music event and Olivia Rodrigo was the evening’s big winner. In addition to taking home the Woman Of The Year award, she opened the show by performing “Deja Vu.”

Rodrigo took a different approach to this rendition than she did the studio version we’re familiar with, as this one has more of the rock influence seen on some of her other songs, most notably “Good 4 U.” The performance began with Rodrigo singing over acoustic guitar. As the song worked its way to the chorus, other members of her backing back worked their way into the fold for a more guitar-driven rendition.

Later, she accepted the Woman Of The Year award and gave a speech in which she showed her appreciation for the women in music who came before her, as well as her contemporaries and up-and-comers trying to find their way:

“It’s not always easy being a young woman in the music industry, but I found so much strength from the female songwriters and artists who have come before me and paved the way and opened doors for so many young women like me. And that’s what so amazing about this event. Every woman here today is working to break down those barriers and change the narrative and support each other, and I am so inspired by all the incredible women in this room. I want to thank you all for your support; I am supporting all of you.

I want to say to all of the young girls out there who are writing songs every day in their journals, on their bedroom floors: I am constantly moved by your vulnerability and your creativity and bravery, and I promise everyone here today is working to make this world and this industry a better place for you.”

Watch a clip of Rodrigo performing “Deja Vu” above (find the full performance here) and check out her acceptance speech below.