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Harvey Weinstein Was Caught Smuggling Milk Duds Into Prison And All Hell Broke Loose

Today, in a statement to Variety, disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein said the four words so many people have wanted to hear from the typically defiant mega-producer: “I am sincerely sorry.” Except the apology in question had nothing to do with the dozens of women who have publicly accused him of sexual misconduct. Nope, Harvey’s heartfelt act of contrition was over some Milk Duds.

The box of candy, which is considered contraband in the clink, was discovered all the way back on November 10, 2021, after a routine search following an in-person meeting Weinstein had with Shawn Burkley, one of his lawyers. In true Weinstein style, he initially responded to the charges with a “deny, deny, deny” philosophy. As Gene Maddaus wrote for Variety:

The Milk Duds were confiscated, and the guards warned that they would have to search his attorneys’ legal binders and laptop bags on future visits. Weinstein claimed to the guards that he had brought the Milk Duds with him when he was extradited from New York in July. But the jail officials said he had been searched upon his arrival at the L.A. County jail’s medical facility, and nothing was found, leading them to conclude that the Milk Duds were passed to him during the attorney’s visit.

Both Weinstein and his attorneys issued official expressions of regret over the incident, with Harvey describing it as “an innocent misunderstanding,” and promising that “It will not happen again… I am sincerely sorry.”

Mark Werksman and Alan Jackson, Weinstein’s lawyers, echoed their client’s sentiments while issuing their own apology in which they shared that: “We have been informed about this and are very sorry it happened. It had not happened before, and never happened since. Harvey has been a model inmate and intends to continue as such.”

Reminder: We’re talking about a box of f@#%ing Milk Duds!

If only the one-time legendary studio boss could express the same level of shame and grief to the nearly 90 women who have accused him of sexual harassment, assault, and/or rape.

While Weinstein—who was once threatened by Tony Soprano himself, James Gandolfini—will be allowed to continue having face-to-face meetings with his attorneys as he prepares for trial, he has been warned that any other infraction will result in being placed inside a special booth. Presumably one that would make the passing of some Sno-Caps impossible.

(Via Variety)