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‘Succession’ Writer Georgia Pritchett Says She Wanted A Fan-Favorite Character To Be Gay

It’s pretty common for fans to speculate about a character’s sexuality. It’s also common that the actual show writers advocate for a certain character to be a part of the LGBTQ community, in order to bring in some much-needed representation. In the case of the hit HBO show Succession, there was one character, in particular, that was almost written as gay: the much-loved Cousin Greg.

On a recent episode of the podcast Homo Sapiens, Succession writer Georgia Pritchett said she had originally wanted Nicholas Braun’s character to be gay, mostly because they didn’t explore his backstory until season three. “I had sort of advocated for Greg to be gay – until last season he hadn’t really done anything with anyone.” Before season three, Greg didn’t have much luck in terms of romance, though that changed last season when he was suddenly juggling two women. In the blink of an eye, Greg the Egg was the most sought-after companion on the show and even inspired a real-life sex toy to be named after him.

While Greg’s intended story arch never panned out, Pritchett did admit that the believed Roman “feels a bit fluid and pan.” Roman is played by the lovably weird Kiernan Culkin. “I don’t think he’d hold back if he fancied doing something,” she added. “He wouldn’t hold back.”

After all, the character hasn’t had a lot of luck with love in the past. Who knows what the future will hold when the series inevitably comes back for its fourth season.