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Kim Jong Un’s Slow-Mo Walk In A Missile Propaganda Video Is Sparking ‘Top Gun’ Jokes And Plenty Of Mockery

Top Gun: Maverick will soon roll out at Cannes and into theaters for a May 27 premiere. On the other side of the globe, however, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is already doing his best impression of the O.G. film, at least, that’s how Reuters headlines it while noting that the country’s state-run news networks are serving it the “‘Top Gun’ treatment.” This cinematic supercut was apparently cut together after a Tuesday event, which saw Kim looking all proud of his new intercontinental ballistic missile, which was tested to show that North Korea means business (of some sort).

Reuters notes that state-owned North Korean media outlets compared the video not only to the notorious Tom Cruise movie but also PSY’s “Gangnam Style” video. Yes, there are special effects, and Kim’s looking like a sharp-dressed dude in sunglasses and a leather jacket while he and a few officers do the slo-mo missile-reveal thing.

The Independent tweeted a video clip that’s being hosted at KRCA and other North Korean state-sanctioned outlets.

This display arrives, of course, amid plenty of global conflict that does not involve North Korea, but I guess Kim wanted to put it out there that he will not be messed with. And the display is not unlike those photos of Vladimir Putin doing judo, which falls right in line with the bombastic qualities that both autocrats share. Recently, as well, we heard about how Trump swiped those “love letters” between himself and Kim, and yeah, there’s definitely something to be said about how we can view all of this stuff in almost-real time.

Are there jokes? Oh yes. As one user notes, this will be the “hottest mixtape” of the year.

What of the timing here? This tweet says it all.