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Sydney Sweeney’s Grandparents Think She Has ‘The Best T*ts In Hollywood’

Being an actor has to be very hard when you are constantly criticized for your looks and body. That’s definitely the case for women, anyway. Well, Sydney Sweeney recently admitted she brought her grandparents to the season 2 premiere of Euphoria earlier this year, and, well, she sort of forgot that she has a nude scene in it.

While chatting with Ellen, Sweeney brought up her iconic character Cassie, who she says is a “basket case.” She then recalled inviting her whole family, including uncles and grandparents, to see the season premiere. “I invited my entire family and I didn’t really think about [the nudity],” the actress explained. “I was like, ‘It’s a Hollywood premiere! You’ve got to come!’ We were all sitting next to each other and giant screen — ginormous screen.”

Sweeney famously has several topless scenes throughout the series, including in the season premiere. But her grandparents didn’t seem to mind! When asked about their reaction, Sweeney exclaimed, “They said I have the best t**s in Hollywood.” Sweeney’s grandmother was even in the audience during the interview and nodded in agreement.

The actress then went on to talk about working on her antique car, which she often posts about on TikTok. “I’ve been learning the whole process, it’s been a lot of fun.” Maybe Cassie will ditch Nate for an antique bronco in season three.

Check out the clip above.