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Kevin Garnett Was Disgusted By DK Metcalf’s Diet That Includes ‘3-4 Bags Of Candy’ Every Day

Most professional athletes these days have incredibly strict nutrition plans to go alongside their workout regimens, allowing them to stay in top shape. At the very top, many of the top players in the NFL, NBA, and beyond have private chefs to curate a menu that fits their nutritional needs.

However, Seahawks star receiver (and generally freak athlete) DK Metcalf is not among those, as his dietary plan is, well, let’s just say much more elementary — that is to say, the kind of diet you’d expect from a child left unsupervised for a weekend with access to unlimited money and food delivery services. Metcalf joined Kevin Garnett on the KG Certified podcast this week and the Hall of Famer asked Metcalf to describe how important nutrition is, to which Metcalf laughed and explained why he’s the worst person to ask, running through his daily intake of one Starbucks coffee, one actual meal, and “three to four bags of candy” that left Garnett in total disbelief.

The best part is Garnett asking Metcalf to “define bags of candy, man” because he cannot wrap his brain around the idea that DK is just housing bags of gummy candies and not eating actual food until an 8 pm dinner then going to bed. There are a lot of questions I still have about this, namely, how big is this meal every night, because if you’re doing two workouts in the morning, apparently without eating breakfast, and only having coffee for lunch, I don’t understand how he is a functioning human being, much less one of the greatest athletes on the planet.

This is a man who was competitive with the best sprinters in the world last year and regularly makes NFL defenders look like children, and he’s apparently doing that fueled almost exclusively by Skittles Gummies and Lifesavers.